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To Buy Or Not To Buy…..That Is The Question!

All weekend my inbox has gone into over-drive with Black Friday Super Sales…..annoying much?!!! Since I am a practical shopper, if I’m going to treat myself to something new it has to solve a problem, replace a piece or fill a gap in my wardrobe – I know not so glamorous!

When it comes to shopping, we have all been guilty of an impulse purchase or three! One thing I install in all my clients is my top questions they need to be asking themselves when buying new pieces…..because closet real estate is serious business folks and ONLY those things which you absolutely LOVE should be allowed in!

Here are my top questions which will save you money while building your dream wardrobe!

1. Would you buy it at full price?

Purchases are so tempting when they have a 50% red dot on them, but are you buying it just because of the price or do you truly LOVE it? Asking yourself this question will ensure you are only buying pieces you absolutely love!!

2. Do I own similar things?

This is such an important question to ask yourself, so often I go into client’s wardrobes and see several pieces which are exactly the same. If you have something which is the same/similar this money can go towards a wardrobe need to fill a gap instead of just buying more of the same.

3. How can I wear this piece three ways?

This is probably the most important question you can ask yourself – if you cannot wear the item 3 different ways then you may need to re-consider it. You don’t want items to be sitting in your closet, they need to be working hard for you, so you can mix and match them with existing items. This way you can justify the investment on it!

4. What is the quality like?

This is especially true when you’re shopping online. Always check the quality of material used, is it synthetic and going to be itchy and uncomfortable? Or is it a natural breathable fiber which you will feel a million dollars in?

If the price is too good to be true, it normally is, and the quality of the material and fit is compromised, and you will never wear it.

5. How do I want to be perceived?

80% of communication is unconscious and largely visual. We are presenting people around us with visual clues about ourselves all of the time, often without being aware of it. It’s not just what you’re wearing, it’s HOW you are wearing it. When purchasing clothes this is one question to keep in mind, are the items projecting you in the light you want to be perceived in?

With these tips in mind I guarantee you that your wallet will be happier, and you will be left with a beautifully curated closet full of clothes that you love and never have a ‘I have nothing to wear’ dilemma again.

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  1. Wise words! ❤️

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