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Managing Partner
“Taylor & Roberts went through every single item in my wardrobe (there was a lot) and categorized them all into my newly defined style guide as well as helpfully suggesting when items needed to be detoxed from my collection. I didn’t realize that having so many clothes made it hard to see what I actually owned. Having detoxed the items that I never wore or were old and needed to be retired I now wear more of my clothes than I ever did before. I am more adventurous with my outfits as I know what I actually own really does suit me.”


Event Manager
“An amazing experience for anyone looking to revamp their entire wardrobe or get some inspiration on how to pair up existing pieces. Thanks to Taylor & Roberts I feel inspired by my amazing new pieces and confident to create new outfits from both old and new items. The time and energy that Taylor & Roberts put into understanding and meeting their clients needs is unparalleled and I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a personal stylist.”


Mother | Artist

“When I first met with Jane I was in a scruffy fashion rut. Not knowing what to do with what I had meant that I preferred to look like I hadn’t bothered rather than looking like I’d made an effort and failed. With 2 kids and not much to dress up for I had a lot of reasons to stop trying and live life as a daggy, frumpy mum. Jane helped me infinitely! She gave me confidence in my old stuff that I was close to chucking, and helped me fill out the gaps with a few basics. She took into account what was important to me, mainly comfort and budget, and styled me accordingly. I feel like everyday I have so many actual options now, and I genuinely look forward to picking out my clothes and wearing them. Jane gave me loads of go-to outfits in my beautiful look book but also taught me how to be better organized and how to better style my own outfits. It’s become one of my favorite parts of the day laying out an outfit on the floor before I go to bed (and sending a picture to Jane just to show her how proud I am of myself). I can’t recommend this enough. The results are outstanding and on top of that the whole experience was really enjoyable. I’d never met Jane before this process but I feel like I’ve made a new friend. I really looked forward to each stage and feel thoroughly cleansed and like I’ve been treated to some kind of happiness life hack.”


Entrepreneur | Radio Presenter
“Taylor & Roberts helped me exude confidence in meetings and public eye by helping me refine my style and reduce the amount of clutter in my wardrobe. I now have a curated selection of comfortable, versatile pieces I know suit me and can’t wait to open my wardrobe now!”

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