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Style Re-Set

Are you starting a new job? Have just become a mum? About to embark on a new chapter in your life? Or in a complete style rut and need a helping hand?

Defining and discovering your personal style is the key to looking fabulous and feeling confident. It is so important to identify what really matters to you when it comes to your image and how you want to be perceived by those around you.

Together we will re-set your style and wardrobe and find new pieces to create a variety of looks to ensure you always look and feel your best. Let us take care of the hard work and ensure your wardrobe is there to support your life!

This package includes:

Style & Image Consultation

This is a face to face conversation usually done at your house and can last up to an hour. The consultation helps us build an accurate picture of your personal and professional lifestyle, your personality, and challenge you to consider your current style and image and who you aspire to become. It is also a chance to gain clarity on what goals you would like to accomplish with our services, so we can align myself with your expectations. This is a vital first step in helping us prepare for your Wardrobe Edit and plan your Personal Shopping Session.

Wardrobe Edit

This is such a cleansing experience and can last 3 to 4 hours depending on the size of your wardrobe. We will work through your wardrobe in a systematic way and go through each piece of clothing. Either you will love it, so it gets placed back into the wardrobe, or you hate it so we get rid of it or you are unsure, so we keep it to the side to see if we can make it work with what is left in your wardrobe. The aim of the session is to not throw away everything you own, but a chance to get rid of what doesn’t work, see what is missing in your wardrobe and organize it so it’s easier for you to manage – a complete wardrobe makeover!

During the Detox/Edit we will:
– See what clothes you have  – what works, what doesn’t and what is missing.
– Highlight the essential missing items needed as a foundation in your wardrobe.
– Explain the reason why some pieces work better than others in regards to you.
– Clear out the pieces that no longer compliment your lifestyle or reflect your professional achievements.
– Advise on alterations that can be made on existing pieces that may need adjustments to fit better or to give pieces a new lease of life.
– Explain new ways of wearing existing pieces, especially ones that may have previously been disregarded.
– Explain simple ways to update your wardrobe seasonally, with the latest fashion trends.
– Advise on the aftercare and storage of clothes so they last longer and always look their best.
– Leave you with a newly organized wardrobe in a logical order which personally works for you.
– Compile a shopping list of items that are missing in your wardrobe.

Personal Shopping Session

Before the Personal Shopping Session takes place, we conduct a ‘Pre Shop’ where we carefully select and put pieces on hold which align with your wardrobes requirements, style goals, and budget. Conducting a ‘Pre-Shop’ means all the hard work has been taken care of for you and the day is stress-free and enjoyable.

Our aim of the shopping trip is to make the time together rewarding, enjoyable and fun. We take care of all the usual stresses and frustrations that come with shopping – We pick out things which you would have overlooked, ensure you are wearing the correct size and show you how this would work in your wardrobe and the occasions it can be worn on.

You will be left with some fantastic new outfit options which will integrate into your existing wardrobe and love wearing.

Look Book & Style Guide

Once the Personal Shopping Session has been completed we then visit your house and work on putting together outfits in a Wardrobe Integration Session, so you have a clear idea of what goes with what and gain confidence about how your wardrobe works together to enhance your personal style.

The Look Book & Style Guide is a personalized book we put together which includes a selection of styling tips relevant to you, a color guide and we take pictures of all your outfits – ensuring you ALWAYS have something to wear.

The Look Book & Style Guide is handed over to you within a week of the final Wardrobe Integration Session.

Timeframe: 4 sessions over 3 to 4 weeks

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Style Re-Set